About IPMA Certification

You do not obtain an IPMA certificate just like that. Such a certificate is valuable, and the project manager that wishes to get certified has to prove he/she has the required competencies and has gained sufficient experience. It is IPMA Certificering Nederland’s goal to keep the course as accessible as possible for the project manager. That is why the applicant will enter our Learning Management System immediately after registration. All communication with the assessors will take place inside this portal, and all necessary certification documents can be uploaded here as well. The portal offers the applicant a comprehensive overview of the actions he/she has to take, as well as the corresponding deadlines.


Independent Certification

Since the 1st of January 2015, IPMA Certificering is the designated certification board of IPMA Nederland. Training and exam take place separately to guarantee trustworthiness and independence. If you would like to know more about the percussion rates per training institute and the appreciation of our candidates regarding their trainer, you will find the necessary information on the Pass rate and satisfaction page. If you are interested in a course for which you can obtain an IPMA Certificate, you will find a list of project management training centres with the IPMA quality mark on the website of IPMA Nederland (in Dutch). You will also find the pass rate per training centre.

The following is applicable to all exams:

  • IPMA Certificering develops and organises its exams wholly independent of IPMA Nederland.
  • We work independently from any training centre and/or project management methods.
  • Examination is done by professional assessors.
  • The applicant will be assessed on technical as well as contextual and behavioural competence elements.
  • Strong focus on personal and professional career growth.


IPMA International

IPMA means ‘International Project Management Association’. This is the umbrella organisation of all national industry associations for project managers. IPMA operates in 70 countries and consists of more than 50.000 members. Also, IPMA has developed the ‘Individual Competence Baseline’ describing which criteria a project manager has to meet, subdivided into 4 levels. This organisation sets the demands for IPMA’s certifications. Successful candidates will be included in the IPMA Register.


IPMA Nederland

IPMA Nederland (in Dutch) is the project management association of IPMA in the Netherlands. IPMA-NL has about 2.000 members, and is commissioner to IPMA Certificering. All the IPMA assessors in the Netherlands are affiliated to IPMA-NL.

IPMA Nederland focusses on the following basic notions:

  • Organising knowledge management. IPMA-NL organises numerous events, such as lectures, conventions, theme groups, seminars and breakfast sessions. Also, IPMA-NL provides the magazine ‘Projectie’ as well as newsletters, different publications and the annual display. Besides these activities, IPMA-NL also presents the ‘IPMA-award’ to organisations that have made an exceptional achievement in the domain of project- and programme management. All this is done to promote the organisation, sharing, developing and knowledge preservation in the domain of project management.
  • Certification, regulation and accreditation of project managers and project management. IPMA-NL encourages her members to certify as much as possible. Besides that, IPMA-NL is occupied with the accreditation of IPMA-training centres, regulating function profiles and regulating standards.
  • Organising networks. A third goal of IPMA-NL is to connect with her members. To achieve this, the abovementioned means will be deployed, as well as network gatherings, communities and monthly lectures. In conclusion; IPMA-NL supports study groups by means of meetings with the aim of professionalisation and to enable said study groups to make optimal use of their ability to network.