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By filling out the form below you can sign up for one of the IPMA certification and recertification courses. By signing up you will get immediate access to our platform, on which you can indicate at which level you would like to certify. Through the platform you can schedule the examinations and assessments.

On this platform it is possible to monitor and manage the progress of your course. As soon as your application is verified, you will have the possibility to upload de necessary documents after which these will be evaluated by your assessor. In this way, it is quite easy to keep track of the actions and deadlines within your own personal certification course!


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voorkeurstaal enThe signup page is in Dutch by default. Please select English in the menu bar. When you register, please indicate whether you want to take the exam/interview in Dutch or in English, please select Preferred language: ‘English (en)’.


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We recommend that you provide your personal e-mail address so that we can still contact you if you change jobs. This is particularly useful if we are approaching you in 5 years’ time for recertification.

If you have a hotmail or live account, our e-mails can end up in your junk mail.


Do you require a purchase order?

If your employer (or another party) pays for your certification, you are required to notify us when you apply. Under Billing Details, choose Invoice goes to ‘Work Address’ or ‘Other’. Some organisations require specific information on the invoice, such as a purchase order, cost center or employee number. Please check this before you sign up, and enter the necessary information under Billing reference.