Complaints and appeal


If you have any complaints, such as about the location of the examination, the examination itself, or the assessor, please send an email to Your complaint will be processed as soon as possible.



You can also object to the result of your examination. You can write a letter of objection if you do not agree with the evaluation of your written IPMA PMO-, level D- or C-exam, or the oral IPMA level C-, B- or A-assessment. You need to elaborate your objection substantively and formulate as clearly as possible.

There is a limited period to lodge an objection. You can read about this in the Examination Regulations which you can download on the special download page. Your official notice of objection can be sent to the examination committee through



If you do not agree with the completion of your complaint or the opinion of the examination committee in regard to your objection, you can appeal. Hereto you send an appeal, in writing, to the Complaints and Appeals Committee (professional authority) of IPMA-Nederland. You need to elaborate your appeal substantively. You may send your appeal to the Secretariat of the Complaints and Appeals Committee:

Secretariaat Complaints and Appeals Committee IPMA-NL,

Postbus 54

3780 BB Voorthuizen

There is a limited period to file an appeal. You can read about this in the Examenreglement (Examination Regulations, in Dutch).

There are costs involved in this procedure, and please be aware that the period to file an appeal is limited. You can read about this in the Examenreglement.pdf (Examination Regulations) of IPMA Certificering and the Reglement Beroepsprocedure.pdf (Appeals procedure Regulations) of IPMA-NL.



Expenses are connected to objection or appeal. You’ll find a summary below. If your appeal is accepted, you will be reimbursed for you appeal amount.

Your notice of objection, appeal or request for re-evaluation will be processed as soon as payment is received.


Tariffs Price
Substantive complaint or appeal theoretical examinations € 255
Substantive complaint or appeal assessments € 760
Objection to re-certification € 455
21% VAT is not included in these prices