Re-certification IPMA D

The IPMA-D certificate is valid for 5 years. After that, you can extend your certificate for another 5 years. Re-certification is very easy. You demonstrate that you have maintained your experience since your certification. Examining again is not required.



Have you worked as a project manager in the past 5 years? Then this is the time to register for recertification. In order to qualify for IPMA-D recertification, you must demonstrate that in the last 5 years (since your certification), you have participated in activities that have kept your project management skills up to date for at least 270 hours. These project-related activities are divided into three groups:

a. Attending, attending or giving education, training, seminars or courses. Speaking at conferences, writing articles or books, advising project managers and/or organisations, carrying out assessments on projects or supervising or assessing project managers.
b. Working in and/or leading projects. Every unique month you have gained project experience counts as 5 hours, with a maximum of 90 hours.
c. Membership IPMA-NL or IPMA sister organization. Membership of IPMA-NL (or an IPMA sister organization) counts as 18 hours per full year of membership (or proportionally for part of a year), with a maximum of 90 hours. We expect you to attend regular lectures, congresses and the like.


2 simple steps

Re-certification is very easy. You don’t have to take a new exam but simply demonstrate that you have maintained your skills.
Recertification is done in 2 simple steps:

1. You can log in via the sign up. Then create an account and sign up for IPMA-D Recertification.
2. Submit the IPMA-D (DOCX) Recertification Document. In the document you specify your training, work experience and project-related activities that demonstrate that you have maintained your skills.

After submission, we check your document. After approval, we contact your sponsors (manager and client) for a peer review. This concerns 8 short questions by e-mail and is a maximum of 10 minutes’ work. A final assessment is then made by one of our assessors. In the event of a positive result, you will receive a new certificate and will be reinstated in the international register.



The fee for re-certification IPMA-D are € 155, – excluding VAT.