IPMA PMO is the certification for novice as well as experienced professionals who work in a Project Management Office (PMO) and need more theoretical support and recognition of their craftsmanship. During the IPMA PMO trajectory, you learn to critically assess your own performance and you acquire theoretical knowledge of all aspects within this discipline.


The importance of a professional PMO (Project Management Office) has increased considerably in recent years. A PMO is a service center that connects the organisation at a strategic, tactical and operational level. Its services aim to support project management as well as programs and portfolios. More specifically:

  • Processes, procedures and work instructions
  • Tools and techniques
  • Supply of (management) information and advice

IPMA Nederland and IPMA Certificering have therefore decided (in consultation with IPMA International) to give more recognition to those involved in this field by developing an IPMA PMO certificate.


The exam

Participation in the IPMA PMO exam starts with your registration and ends with an exam. The IPMA PMO exam is only available in Dutch. It consists of two parts and covers a total of two hours. The first part consists of 40 standalone multiple choice questions and lasts about 60 minutes. The second part consists of a selection of multiple choice questions and also lasts about 60 minutes. The candidate can divide his/her time between the two parts as he/she sees fit. Both parts make up 50% of the final result. The exam is administered digitally.


IPMA PMO is only available in Dutch. Visit the Dutch IPMA PMO page for more info.