Levels of Certification

IPMA Certificering is the best step towards effectively improving your programme management skills. It ensures projects are manageable, project managers’ competencies improve visibly, and organisations are able to submit a quality label as well as a sense of transparency to project management. IPMA Certificering is leading throughout the world.


Advantages for you

  • You will be able to develop and grow within your discipline
  • You will obtain feedback on your own experience and competencies
  • You will become more professional in your approach to project management
  • You will acquire an internationally acknowledged proof of expertise


Advantages for the organisation

  • Your projects will be better manageable
  • You will get an objective insight in the competencies of your employees
  • You will be able to demonstrate quality and transparency
  • The certification process is an attractive fringe benefit and easily embedded in the education- and development policy of your organisation


Four competence levels, Agile and PMO

IPMA Certificering will give you insight into your knowledge and skills, regardless of your academic or professional background. Besides insight, it will give you the necessary tools to further professionalise. It is possible to certify on 4 levels – from beginner-level project manager (level D) up to experienced project manager with a responsibility for all projects and/or programmes within a large organisation (level A). Since the introduction of the ICB4, it has become possible to certify for program management as well as portfolio management. In the Netherlands, programme management certification at level B has been possible for a while now. Programme management at level A and portfolio management at level A and B will follow shortly.



IPMA C agile

IPMA has developed a certificate for experienced Agile professionals who are able to adapt to a new context with regard to successful project implementation. The certificate is aimed at individual competencies and is supplementary to certificates for SAFe, Scrum, etc. At the moment, this course is only available in Dutch. The course will be in English soon. More info can be found on the page IPMA C Agile.



IPMA PMO is the certification for the novice as well as the experienced professional who works in a Project Management Office and needs more theoretical support and recognition of his or her workmanship. At the moment, this course is only available in Dutch. Go to the PMO page.


Certificates are valid for five years. After that you can recertify via a shortened trajectory.