Group application

If multiple employees within your organization would like to take an exam for an IPMA certificate, you can provide them with a group application. That way, employees do not have to register individually and we will be able to ensure that everyone has the exam on the same date. We will contact you about the location details as well as the date and time of the exam.

You can also choose to have the exam take place at our office in Nieuwegein. The advantage of this is that you do not pay any operational expenses, just the regular exam costs. Group exams at our office are possible as from 6 candidates.

You can order a group exam for:

  • IPMA level D exam
  • IPMA level C theoretical exam
  • IPMA PMO (only available in Dutch)

On the Dutch page you will find in detail what to expect from us and our demands with regard to the location, exam room, etcetera. In-company exams are subject to our terms and conditions in-company exams (Algemene voorwaarden In Company document below in Dutch).

Application form

In case you already have information available about the location, amount of people or the date, please inform us below.


The price per applicant and the potential expenses for postponement and cancellation are the same as the costs of regular exams. We charge a fixed amount for our operation expenses depending on the number of applicants.

Number of applicants Operation expenses (current tariffs)
More than 11 applicants Only travel expenses on the basis of € 0,34 for every travelled kilometre calculated from our office
From 6 tot 10 applicants incl. € 803,-
Less than 6 applicants € 1339,-

You will pay the group tariff for the actual number of exams used on the actual day.