IPMA C - Certificate

With an IPMA level C certificate, you will be able to demonstrate that you have a solid theoretical grasp of project management as well as the capacity to support the project manager with complex projects. The IPMA level C course will enable you to look at projects in a professional manner, with the aim of raising your project management to a higher level.


Phase 0: Preparation Theory exam

The theoretical exam takes three hours and contains open questions and short cases. You will take the exam via the portal on one of our computers. Wondering how it works? After registration, an exercise environment will be available for you. The IPMA C exam is available in English. Please select ‘English (en)’ at Voorkeurstaal when you sign up.

At the exam, you will receive the Calculation rules so you do not have to learn all the formulas by heart. The formulas are included in the exam. In the Examination requirements, you will find the requirements for the exam. You can send a request for the necessary document by filling in the form below.

We do not provide exam training. Training and exam take place separately to guarantee trustworthiness and independence. If you are interested in training with the goal of obtaining an IPMA certificate, you will find a summary of project management training centers on the website of IPMA Nederland (in Dutch). Have a look at the pass rate and satisfaction of educators for IPMA PMO, IPMA D, and IPMA C theory (all in Dutch). You can also take a look at the validation (in Dutch) of our former applicants of educators.

Phase 1: Theory exam

IPMA level C theory is the first part of the IPMA level C course. In this part, you will gather theoretical knowledge of all aspects of project management. If you pass the exam, you will receive the IPMA level C theory course credit certificate and you can start with level C-assessment.

None, but please note: for IPMA C assessment there are requirements!

Duration exam
3 hours

Content exam
Short cases and open questions

Validity certificate
18 months

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We will do our very best to check your exam as soon as possible. After a maximum of 4 weeks, you will receive the result (and if you pass the certificate) by e-mail. This theoretical course credit certificate has a validity of 18 months after signing up. This means that you have a limited timeframe to do the C-assessment and obtain the IPMA level C fully-fledged certificate. The theoretical certificate is not a part of the international IPMA register.

Request for IPMA D certificate with an IPMA C theory certificate

More information

If you are in the possession of the IPMA C theoretical share certificate, you have the possibility to register for the internationally recognized IPMA D certificate as well. You will receive the IPMA D certificate and will be recorded in the international IPMA Register. Your IPMA C theoretical certificate will remain valid.

It is possible to register for the IPMA D certificate as of the moment of receipt of your IPMA C theoretical certificate. You can register for this IPMA D certificate at the latest one month before the expiry date of your C certificate.

After the receipt of your registration, we will send an invoice of € 168,– (excl. VAT) to your mentioned email address. As soon as we have received your payment we will send you the IPMA D certificate.

To apply for an IPMA D certificate, send an email to info@certificeren.nl and include:

  • Your first- and last name
  • When you acquired your IPMA C certificate
  • Your billing information

Yes, consult the document with eligibility criteria.

Since the theoretical certificate is valid for 18 months after signing up, you will have to be able to fulfill these demands in order to be considered for the fully-fledged IPMA level C certificate.

Written + oral exam

Validity certificate
5 years

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Phase 3: Results + Certificate

After concluding the assessment, the assessors will decide if they will nominate you for certification. If you have passed, you will receive the certificate at your email address. With the IPMA level C certificate, you are entitled to put the title ‘Certified Project Manager in your name. The IPMA level C certificate is valid for five years. You will need to recertify yourself after five years to maintain this title.

If you obtain a certificate, you will be admitted to the international IPMA Registry.

Received a negative result? You can apply for a resit. These are the costs.

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