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Recertification - IPMA A - IPMA B - IPMA C

The IPMA certificates have a validity of five years. After that, you can recertify for five more years. The recertification course is shorter and easier to go through than to cover the whole course of studies over again. If you recertify in time you will not have to go through the whole procedure again. It is possible to recertify for IPMA A, B, C, D, Agile Leadership, and PMO. Recertification is not possible for the IPMA C theoretical certificate, but you can apply the IPMA D certificate.

We will do our utmost to contact candidates with an expiring certificate to recertificate. However, timely recertification ultimately remains the responsibility of candidates. Want to know when your certificate expires? Consult the international IPMA Registry

Phases recertification IPMA A t/m C

Apply for recertification IPMA A, B and C 

Have you been working as a project, program, and/or portfolio manager since your previous certification? Then this is the time to register for recertification.

For IPMA A and B, you can apply to recertify with project,- program- and portfolio experience. For IPMA C you can only recertify with project management experience.

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Validity certificate
5 years

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Demands for recertification

To be eligible, you must meet two requirements for each level.


IPMA B en A  

Phase 1: Fill in Recertification document

You submit your Recertification document. In the document, you specify your training, work experience, and project-related activities that demonstrate that you have maintained your skills.

Phase 2: Referrals survey

Through your account, you invite your manager and client to a referrals survey. This concerns eight short questions by e-mail and is up to ten minutes of work. A final assessment is then made by one of our assessors. In the event of a positive result, you will receive a new certificate and will be reinstated in the international IPMA Register.

Phase 3: Results & Certificate

Within four weeks you will receive the result. A positive result means you are certified for five years.

Received a negative result? You can apply for a resit. These are the costs.

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